About Me
My name is Jason and I am 25 years old. It is my borthday and I love Creed
the most out of anyone. Thats why I got my dad to get me ILoveCreed.com
for my birthday don't ask me how it works. I am learning to make computer code
by making this site. Creed is my favorite band if you didn't know.
I am a seximum panther to the maximum. You can see that I like creed from my tweet:


— Jason Moore (@jmooreit) May 12, 2014
You can see the real live CREED re-tweeted my tweet and favorited it for real. I am proud.

Say Hi to Creed here.
Tweet to @creed

Who Is Creed
if you don't know who Creed is you should probably read a book.

Scott Stapp is my favourite! He is the singer in Creed. He's the best, when I grow up I want to be just like him.
His son is named Jagger and I wish I was Jagger. His favourite flavor is purple.
Mark Tremonti plays the main guitar in Creed, the best band ever. He is cool too. He looks scary but he
is cool. He really likes going to the circus.
Brian Marshall is the bass player in the best band ever, Creed. He owns a bed and breakfast called Mango Moon.
It is in Costa Rica and one day I want to stay there. He has a 2 pet dogs that are fluffy.
Scott Phillips drums for Creed. Creed is the best band ever. He lifts a lot of weight at the gym, maybe one day
I will be strong like him. He likes to go to bathhouses to have anonymous gay sex with men. That is hard because he's in the best band ever.
This is me, one time I met Scott and Brian and they said I could be a honory member of Creed
and that's for real because they meant it. I like turtles and dogs.

Creeds Best Songs
Creed is the best band so it is hard to pick there best songs. I will try hard to pick the best songs.

The first song is really good. It is called Higher. It goes can you take me higher a bunch of times. Scott sings it.

The next song is the song playing on my website. It is called with arms wide open. It goes with arms wide open a bunch of times. Scott sings it too.

Me And Creed

I hang out with Creed like all the time sometimes. They are really cool since they are in the best band ever. Here are pictures of me and Creed here.


Here you can get my favorite Crreed backgrounds and AOL instant messenger icons. They are free, promise.

Here is a wallpaper background for your computer
Here are some aim icons

This is just extra fun stuff for my website and so I can practice computer code.

My favorite gif pictures

Jason is cool!!

Electricity Lightning